NIT, Akashi College

Education System

After junior high school, Kosen students follow a slightly different route from what they would at the rest of Japan’s educational institutions.


KOSEN offers a 5-year integrated education starting in the year that students turn 16. By “integrated,” this means that specialized courses from each student’s selected academic department are made a part of the curriculum, even from the first year of study, along with regular high school course offerings.

From year three, one or two international students join each of our departments as full-time students every year. Then, in year four, we receive a few high school graduates who choose to transfer into KOSEN for the last two years.

About 60 percent of Kosen graduates get jobs and the other 40 percent continue to study after they graduate from Kosen. At Akashi College, these numbers are 30% going on to get jobs and 70% going on to further studies. When students choose to continue studying, there are basically two routes that they can choose. One is to transfer into the 2nd or 3rd year of a four-year university, and the other is to enter an additional 2-year “Advanced Course” at Kosen to obtain a bachelor’s degree.