NIT, Akashi College


One of Japan’s most unique systems of higher education is its network of national colleges of technology. Combining the programs of high schools and junior colleges, colleges of technology offer five-year course programs. At present, there are 51 colleges of technology in Japan, and approximately 50,000 students are enrolled.

The word “KOSEN,” as seen here in all capital letters, is associated with our school and all of our sister schools within Japan. KOSEN is the short name for our parent institution, the National Institute of Technology.

Why “KOSEN”?

Because these two Chinese characters, which are pronounced “kou-sen,” make up part of our much longer name in Japanese, which is: “koku-ritsu-kou-gyou-KOU-tou-SEN-mon-gak-kou.” The official translation of this into English is the National Institute of Technology. So, we are the National Institute of Technology, Akashi College. However, we are also more commonly referred to by our short name:
Akashi Kosen.