NIT, Akashi College

Active Learning

The Active Learning Center (ALC) contributes to the development of active learning methods and their practice, as well as the improvement of the learning environment and facilities necessary for promoting active learning.

Advancement of education with ICT
Our college is carrying out classes that utilize ICT to create a positive educational effect and improve the information literacy of our students. ALC assists our faculty in the use of ICT and its devices.

Assistance in developing class designs and teaching methods
The ALC holds study meetings on class designs and teaching methods as well as provides individual advice on education for our faculty and technical support staff.

Service learning: Cooperation with local communities
Under the direction of the “Social Market” program designated by the Student Support GP(FY2008) from the Ministry of Education, our college has been continuously implementing service learning activities. These activities, which aim to promote our students’ participation in projects, including campus improvement and community engagement, make our students’ competence grow with respect to self-direction and communication.

Examination of subjects to understand how to learn actively
Besides introducing active learning methods in each subject, since spring 2015, the required subject called “Active Learning I” has been providing our first year students with a class that gives them experience in understanding what it means to learn actively. Their experiences, through teamwork and reflective learning, help our students to develop their skills and attitudes toward learning such that their learning styles shift from passive to active.

  • Education with ICT

  • Introduction to Active Learning