NIT, Akashi College

Key Selling Points

High job-offers-to-job-seekers ratio

Akashi College has maintained a high “job-offers-to-job-seekers ratio” because there are always many companies keen on hiring engineers from Akashi College. But, unlike a large university we do not have a huge pool of applicants to choose from. As such, we often record 25 job offers per job seeker among our graduating class.

High university and graduate school acceptance rate

The results for sending students to the universities of their choices are also high. This year, 4 students passed the transfer entrance exam for the University of Tokyo, 3 at Kyoto University, 9 at Osaka University, 11 at Kobe University, and the rest went on to other good schools throughout Japan. These remarkable ratios clearly indicate why the education system of Kosen has been evaluated highly for a long time.