NIT, Akashi College

Liberal Arts

Our aim in Liberal Arts is to educate creative engineers who will become valued members of society and who will be responsible for the future. For that, it is indispensable for students to learn technical knowledge, to have a wide understanding of culture, and to train their minds and bodies.

Our education program includes high school level subjects such as Japanese, geography, history, mathematics, physics, chemistry, physical education, art, and foreign languages; and, university level subjects such as philosophy and so on. Each subject is taught according to the students’ stages of growth in order to obtain a high level of learning and to advance the students’ academic abilities.

As an example of General studies offerings, the English Conversation lessons are guided by a native English speaking professor and overseas studies are firmly established. In addition, in response to the current trends of globalization, courses in global studies and active learning have been added.

Each classroom is equipped with an automatic air-conditioner and multi-media technology. In addition, there is a well equipped CALL room, gymnasium, Japanese martial arts hall, physical training room, chemical laboratory, and  physical laboratory.
  • Physics Class

  • Physical Education Class

  • English Class