NIT, Akashi College

Electrical and Computer Engineering

The recent development of electrical engineering is remarkable. It has been differentiating into the sub-disciplines of electricity, electronics, communication, and information; and, the study of each of these fields has been deepening and becoming more specialized.

In the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department we introduce an educational system to cope with the broad field of electrical engineering, and we aim to bring up engineers able to cope with constantly advancing technology. The first three years of our program are focused on common studies of electricity, electronics, and computer systems. From the fourth year there is a division into two courses: The “Electrical Engineering Course” and the “Computer Engineering Course,” where specialized subjects are learned. In the Electrical Engineering Course, a range of technology from electric energy to electronics is studied. The Computer Engineering Course focuses on technology related to the handling of information and its applications.
  • Computer Literacy Class

  • Experimental Computer EngineeringⅠ

  • Experimental Electrical EngineeringⅡ