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The National Institute of Technology(KOSEN) is a higher education institution that offers specialized and general education to students who have graduated from junior high school, for a total of seven years, where an advanced course is added to five-year college course. Students can concentrate on studying specialized fields without being bothered by preparations for university entrance examination. Graduates of five-year college courses receive the title of “Associate,” while students who have accomplished the advanced course and also successfully satisfied the conditions set by the National Institute for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education can earn a title of “Bachelor (of Engineering),” which is equivalent to a four-year university degree.

NIT(KOSEN), Akashi College, Japan is blessed with excellent students, and every graduate,  alumni and alumnae has proceeded to the next stage of education and obtained remarkable employment, and is playing an active role in society. Faculty members are proactively engaged in not only education and research but joint research and recurrent education, in cooperation with local communities.

A super-smart society (Society 5.0) expected to come after 2030 is not an extension of the past, and it will require us to have the ability to think for ourselves, act voluntarily, and initiate change. 
NIT(KOSEN), Akashi College, Japan aims to foster human assets with a flexibly and vigorously respectable personality through liberal arts subjects in addition to advanced expertise, as well as exchanges with those who are active in society.

National Institute of Technology (KOSEN), Akashi College
President Doi Nobukazu